City of Struthers Juvenile Diversion Program

The Struthers Juvenile Diversion Program was formed through collaboration between the Struthers Police Department and the Struthers City Schools. The Diversion Officer receives referrals from school administrators or the Juvenile Officer. Juveniles referred to the program are those at risk of expulsion or first time misdemeanor offenders. Participation in the program may be offered in lieu of expulsion or the filing of criminal charges. The diversion program is also used to address specific problem behaviors or habitual offenders of the Struthers City Schools Student Handbook.

The program is voluntary and cooperation by the family is a must in order to participate. Juveniles and their families participate in a risk assessment to determine requirements. Based on the assessment, students are referred to programming that best addresses their specific needs. Referrals to community sources can include:

  • Individual and/or Family Counseling
  • Parental Classes
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
  • Children's Services Board
  • Mental Health Intensive Treatment Programs
  • Academic Assistance / Tutoring

In addition to these services, the Struthers Juvenile Diversion Program offers a variety of educational workshops (listed below). Regular reviews are held with juveniles and their families to evaluate progress.

Struthers Diversion Programming

External Programing

The following programs are facilitated by sources other than the Struthers Diversion Program. Referrals can be made by the Diversion Officer so that clients can be placed in these programs.

Choices (Boardman Diversion Program).

Through a collaborative effort with the Federal Correctional Institute in Elkton, Ohio, the Boardman Police Department hosts inmates as guest speakers throughout the year. These inmates present the realities of prison life and discuss the behaviors that led to incarceration. This program is open to diversion participants throughout the county and their families.

S.A.V.E. (St. Elizabeth's Health Center).

Youth ages 12 and older, identified as at risk for violence, attend this program at the Health Center. This program includes a trip to the Emergency Department trauma room, a visit to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, and a trip to the morgue to see the consequences that violence violence has on others

Reality Checkpoint.

A collaborative effort between the Diversion Coalition, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, St Elizabeth's Trauma Unit, and the Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic, this program is for clients that are abusing drugs and alcohol. Participants and their families learn the legal, social, and moral ramifications of substance use combined with motor vehicle operation.

The following agencies work with the Struthers Juvenile Diversion Program to provide services for clientele and their families:

  • Adams Alternative School
  • Belmont Pines Hospital
  • Boardman Diversion Program
  • Comprehensive Behavior Health Associates
  • Comprehensive Psychiatry Specialists
  • D & E Counseling Center
  • Daybreak Youth Crisis Shelter
  • Family Service Agency
  • Mahoning County Chemical Dependency Program Meridian Care Center
  • Martin P. Joyce Juvenile Justice Center
  • Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic
  • Northeast Ohio Regional Center for Adolescent Treatment
  • Northside Medical Center / Forum Health Youth Services
  • Poland Township Diversion Program
  • Prevention Partners Plus
  • Right to Learn, Inc.
  • St. Elizabeth's Health Center

For more information about the Struthers Diversion Program, please call the Diversion Officer at (330) 755-2181 extension #122.

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