City of Struthers Waste Water Treatment Plant

Struthers Wastewater Plant is a 6 million gallon per day wastewater treatment plant located at 530 Lowellville Road. The plant and collection system is staffed by one Class IV Superintendent, one Class IV Assistant Manager, five Class III Operators, one Class II Operator, two Class I Operators, one Class III Chemist and six Maintenance Men.

Waste Water Waste Water

The plant services over 25,000 people in Struthers, Poland, and parts of Boardman Township. The plant maintains 50 miles of Sanitary Sewer in Struthers and monitors 50 miles of sewer in the outlined areas mentioned above.

The annual budget is approximately $2 million dollars of which 64% is subsidized by Mahoning County.

Arrangements can be made for appointments, information, or any other inquiries by contacting the Plant Superintendent, Guy Maiorana or the Assistant Plant Manager at (330) 755-9847 or fax us at (330) 755-9764. You may also send E-mail to

Waste Water Activity The plant treats an average of 4.5 MGD per day, the plant also removes and treats over 500 tons of solid waste per year. The Lab performs approximately 6000 tests yearly. This includes small package plants and other treatment facilities that are under contract with our Lab. Collection System personnel maintains over 70 miles of sanitary sewer yearly, and maintains approximately 300 storm catch basins semi annually.

Special Programs The wastewater department operates an Industrial Monitoring Program which permits over 75 restaurants and monitors two major industrial discharges. The plant currently provides means for local septage haulers to dispose of residential septage.

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