Use Of Methane Gas to Generate Electricity Monday, February 2, 2009

The City of Struthers wastewater treatment plant's anaerobic digestion process produces a significant volume of unfiltered methane gas as a byproduct of the wastewater treatment.

Presently a portion of the methane gas is used to produce heat for the treatment process. The excess methane gas, which is not used in the treatment process, is safely flared off to the atmosphere.

The City of Struthers is seeking a grant and other funding to construct a filtered cogeneration system to utilize the excess methane to generate electricity and the required heat for the plant process.

With the Federal Government initiative to improve infrastructures and reduce the consumption of natural resources, many wastewater treatment plants are considering projects to use the excess unfiltered methane gas.

The generator will provide a major portion of the electrical power used at the City of Struthers wastewater Plant. By using the excess methane gas, which is currently being flared off to the atmosphere, the city will be able to reduce the electric bill at the plant. The heat presently provided by the use of methane gas will still be produced as a by-product of the cogeneration system.

The savings in electricity and natural gas along with the 'green' aspect of reducing outside consumption of the natural resources will be an advantage to the city.

The City of Struthers is in the process to verify the quantity of excess methane gas byproduct.

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