2008 Annual Plant Report Friday, February 6, 2009

January 5, 2008
To: Mayor Stocker and Ed Wildes
From: Rich DeLuca
Re: 2008 Annual Plant Report
The plant treated an average daily flow of 3.68MGD. This is 1.42MGD less than was treated in 2007 . The plant removals of Suspended Solids and Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand was 96% and 92% respectively. The plant processed approximately 12,400 cubic yards of bio-solids. The plant also treated 7,718,125 gallons of septage in 2008.
Our collection system personnel cleaned 88,970 feet of sanitary sewer lines in 2008. Also, twenty five (25) sanitary sewer manholes were rehabilitated. A new sanitary sewer manhole was installed in Yellow Creek Park. In addition, our collection system maintenance report has been attached for your review. This report includes the sanitary and storm sewer projects.
This was the first full year of training for our Industrial Monitor in the laboratory . Our laboratory personnel, as a whole, passed their DMR-QA samples for all the parameters in which the lab must test on a continuous basis. They also passed several voluntary analyses, so they are certified to analyze samples from outside customers. Our chemist, Ralph Farrelly, also participated in a water pollution study given by Environmental Resource Associates for Low Level Mercury. By him passing the mercury testing, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has determined that our department does not have to pay for outside testing of the mercury, which is a significant savings to our city. Our lab personnel have been gathering samples for our mercury variance. This is required by the Ohio EPA to determine where mercury is being generated in our collection system, and as a means for us to determine a solution to minimize the mercury that enters our treatment plant. Approximately $31,200.00 was generated by the laboratory for outside testing from other organizations. In 2008, the lab purchased a Low Level Mercury Analyzer at a cost of $50,000.00. With the samples that they have been analyzing, this instrument is a close to already being paid for.
In addition to the revenue that was generated from the sewage fees and county income, the plant also generated revenue from the following sources:
Laboratory Testing:
Vactor Crew & Truck:
Grease Trap Program:
Sewer and Tap-In Fees:
Septage Treatment:
Influent Bar Screen Design
The Bridge Street Storm Water Debris Dumping Station
Sanitary Sewer Camera System including a van
New natural gas boiler for sludge treatment
Sodium Hypochlorite Tanks for the Final phase of the secondary treatment processes
New and improved Influent Bar Screen
New and improved Belt Press for the treatment of our bio-solids
New and improved Grit and Septage Receiving Station, which is an upgrade to the preliminary treatment of wastewater.
Southeast Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project
Fifth Street Culvert/Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project
Gary Wilson successfully earned his Class I operator license from the Ohio EPA
Frank DeMarco successfully earned his Class II operator license from the Ohio EPA
Mark Ciccone successfully earned his Class II laboratory license from the Ohio Water Environmental Association
Nick Jordan has been accepted by the Ohio EPA and is finishing his thesis in hope of becoming a Class IV operator
2009 GOALS
For 2009, one of our goals is to continue with the implementation for the storm water utility. We are also currently looking into powering the plant with the use of methane gas, which is a by-product that is produced by our digester's. We are also in contact with a company, Windspires Inc, to determine whether windmills would be feasible at the plant. Hopefully, these windmills can be utilized to operate pumps at the Bridge Street Pump Station. With the purchase of the camera system and van, we will concentrate on finding sources of inflow and infiltration. We are continuing to implement our five(5) year proposed plan using the $3.00 monthly debt service fee.
Primary Clarifiers Construction & Design
Grit Collectors Construction & Design
Stand By Generators Construction & Design
Septage Receiving Station Construction & Design
County Share:
City Share:
In conclusion, we had a very successful year in 2008. We are hoping for the same success in 2009. I want to extend to all, a safe and happy new year!

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